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Founded in 2013, Air Peace is a private Nigerian airline that offers passenger and charter services. Air Peace headquarters is located in Lagos. The operational hub for the airline is the Murtala Muhammed International Airport. It is privately owned by Allen Onyema.


Air Peace does not have any subsidiary companies. The airline serves six domestic destinations and these are Abuja, Calabar, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Benin, and Owerri. Earlier this year, the Nigerian government has approved Air Peace to begin international flights to five international destinations namely Atlanta, Dubai, Johannesburg, Mumbai and Guangzhou.

Air Peace current fleet includes Dornier 328 and Boeings 737-300 and 737-500 SP totalling to 9 aircrafts.

Air Peace offers two cabin configurations for all its aircrafts. These are Business and Economy classes. As the airlines only operate short-haul domestic flights, no in-flight entertainment is provided. Refreshments and snacks are provided.

Air Peace  frequent flyer program is called Peace Miles for loyal customers to collect miles to be used in future travel.

Air Peace has a fairly generous baggage allowance for a domestic carrier. Economy class passengers are allowed up to 25kg while Business class passengers are allowed up to 40kg.

How to contact Air Peace?

Click to call: +234-817-668-9759, +234-817-668-9760, +234-817-668-9762
Email: [email protected]

Customer Care Hours
Monday to Friday: 6am – 9pm.
Saturday: 9am – 6pm.
Sunday: 10am – 5pm.

For enquiries, ticketing and reservations, please call:
Deji: +234-817-668-9707
Kachollom: +234-817-668-9753

Port Harcourt
Chiaka: +234-817-668-9785
Yigabari (Town Office): +234-803-810-4336

Aminu: +234-817-668-9790
Perpetual: +234-817-668-9783
Patricia: +234-817-668-9751, +234-817-668-9760

Enquiries: +234-817-668-9787,
Leonard: +234-817-668-9703

Waziri: +234-817-668-9795

Abdul: +234-818-231-3785

Benin City
Timothy: +234-817-668-9784

For All Stations
Florence: +234-817-668-9698
Ndidi: +234-817-668-9763, +234-817-668-9759